Nasdaq Board Portal Advantages

Nasdaq Board Portal is a dedicated management platform developed by Nasdaq to streamline management processes. Using this software in practice, you get the opportunity to save time, organize the activities of managers more ergonomically and comfortably.

Portal Features

To better understand the advantages of this software, you need to understand what opportunities it provides and solves problems:

  1. Meeting manager. With the help of the program, you can easily schedule meetings by adding them to participants’ calendars, attaching documents, or even conducting online meetings.
  2. Digitization of meeting minutes. The software can independently create minutes of the meeting, using a variety of paid or free templates.
  3. Each user has the opportunity to track the main management processes on a special page in the application. All relevant information on meetings, meetings, voting, and the like appears there.
  4. Voting and polls. Now, to approve a decision, it is not at all necessary to get together in the office. It is enough to conduct a poll and vote on the chosen solution using the Nasdaq Board Portal.
  5. Electronic signatures. With the introduction of the Nasdaq Board Portal, signing documents has become much easier because you no longer need to be physically present. All documents can be signed directly in the application using a verified electronic signature.
  6. Archives of documents. All documentation is stored in the cloud, on the Nasdaq Board Portal servers, so even if something happens to your storage medium, all data will be kept intact. You can also generate reports, books from archival documentation.

The portal also offers many other features to its users: search, task management, annotations, personalized settings, platform sharing, remote storage management.

Nasdaq Board Portal Advantages

The main advantages of this software are:

  1. When it comes to management processes in large companies, security cannot be neglected. That is why the Nasdaq Board Portal offers its customers the ability to configure custom security settings, enable two-factor authentication. The complex of protective measures includes the production of encryption keys for each user, regular security audits.
  2. Wide functionality. NASDAQ is an American stock exchange that specializes in high-tech stocks. Every day, the management bodies of the exchange cope with hundreds of tasks, so who, if not them, knows what functions will be most useful for users of such a platform. Of course, their abundance can be difficult to understand, but by doing it once, you will benefit in the form of time saved.
  3. Process optimization and time-saving. Thanks to the capabilities of the portal, many processes in managing a company now take only a few minutes and do not require a physical presence. Less time is spent on meetings, recording minutes, and digitizing them.
  4. Saving money. Saving time is directly related to saving money. By moving many processes to a virtual area, you reduce the cost of renting meeting rooms, the wages of hired personnel who assist in these meetings. Properly configured Nasdaq Board Portal allows you to maximize the potential of the software and at the same time not spend extra money.
  5. Whatever the challenges you face, the Nasdaq Board Portal can be adapted to suit them. Hundreds of different tools are available to use. New task boards, documents, meetings, signatures can be issued in any way convenient for you.

And, of course, reputation is important. Nasdaq has established itself as a significant participant in the stock market. No wonder their Nasdaq Board Portal product is functional, secure, and respectable.